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Independent Network Consultants:
We speak Client.™

Telephone:  301 789-7975

  • Network Evaluation
  • Network Server & Desktop Support
    and Administration
  • On-site and Remote Services and Monitoring
  • IT Project Implementation
  • ISP-Related & WAN Services
  • IT Security
  • E-Mail Support and Virus Protection
  • Strategic IT Plans & Budgets
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery/Business
  • IT Business Process Re-engineering
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Routers, Switches, Cable, Wireless & Other Network Infrastructure
  • QuickBooks Network and Configuration Assistance.

  • TAKE ADVANTAGE of our unique approach and IT experts. We understand management, business processes and IT. We have qualified network engineers with business degrees, MBAs and specialized business certifications.

  • SINCE 1991 Independent Network Consultants has provided information technology services to a range of clients - supporting thousands of users worldwide, from small to mid-sized companies, to large corporations, to government agencies.

    Rather than focusing only on your IT resources, we focus first on understanding your management perspective, identifying your organizational mission, and then whether your IT resources actually support that mission.

By focusing first on the management perspective, we move an organization's IT resources from management-by-crisis to management-by-objective.

It's surprising how often problems thought to be about hardware and software were really organizational issues related to the delivery and management of IT resources.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Independent Network Consultants for 10 years. INC has allowed me to run a very sophisticated and professional IT department with limited staff. I could not run my operations on the budget that I have without the services of INC."

JG, Dir, Info Services, non-profit association

By using this approach, we provide IT and IT management solutions that are less complicated and less expensive than had been designed and proposed by our competitors.