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Independent Network Consultants:
Corporate Capabilities

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Founded in 1991, Independent Network Consultants has been providing IT and network services supporting thousands of users worldwide from small businesses/practices, mid size companies, large corporations and government agencies.

We are product neutral, we are not resellers for any product or service, we work with all systems and architectures and provide an independent view toward networking and IT technologies.

Our Experienced Engineers have Certifications, Business Degrees, MBAs and Specialized Training in: Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Business Process Reengineering.

We understand Management, Business Processes, IT and how they all fit together.

Our methodology is to provide a consultative approach to each client, following the tenet "People-Process-Technology" we analyze, document and examine all facets of existing infrastructure and requirements, marked by careful study of the client enterprise and existing information technology, emphasis on business processes and requirements, user needs, organizational structures and culture, and how they should best be reflected in an organization's information technology structures

Our recommendations, assistance provided and implementations are based on what best meets the requirements of the client from an economic and technological view point.

Contrary to current trends in our industry, we do not offer "one-size-fits- all" solutions. The "one-size-fits-all" approach to IT arises from a misplaced perspective regarding IT in the enterprise. It arises from focusing on the technology and how the technology works and must be accommodated in the organization. The correct focus, the correct perspective in developing IT solutions is to look at the organization, its people, culture and budgetary resources available.

The correct perspective is a management perspective, not a technology perspective. The correct focus is to determine what the organization does, how it does it, what are the processes to get the work done; and then develop IT strategies that enable the work of the organization, allowing the it to leverage its IT investments into providing not just a tool but a competitive edge.

The only IT value that is common to all enterprises is that of high reliability and availability. Information technology must be provided in a manner that makes the availability of IT resources routine and taken for granted by the organization's workers. This requires IT hardware and software appropriate for the tasks, properly designed, configured, and built for the tasks and IT support processes that meet the needs of the organization.

Staff and Technologies

Our technical staff members have significant industry experience, in some cases, twenty years or more. Staff members have experience with varied and a wide range of technologies. Staff members have expertise with a variety network and desktop operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare and various flavors of UNIX and LINUX.

We are experienced with desktop and server products from HP, Dell, IBM, Gateway, among others. We work with routers, switches, firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs) and related devices, software, and products from Cisco, Sonicwall, Microsoft, 3Com, Linksys, among many others. We work with PDAs from Blackberry, Palm, and others, integrating them into the network. We work with a variety of e-mail and collaborative platforms, including Exchange, Sharepoint and CommuniClique. We assist clients in selecting appropriate telecommunications and Internet services and vendors, in connecting organizational local networks to the Internet, and local networks to organizational wide-area networks. We assist clients with industry- specific mission-critical business systems by working with their primary support vendors for these business systems.

Services Provided

Independent Network Consultants provides services to assist clients with their information technology systems. We:

o STUDY AND EVALUATE information technology requirements. We examine existing information technology, its current efficacy and cost- effectiveness and the organization that it supports. We then develop an overall vision of where the organization's information technology and related processes needs to go to best support the mission of the enterprise, and then lay out a plan of required hardware/software acquisitions and services to achieve those goals;

o Design information technology systems. From determining appropriate telecommunications links to correct server technologies, to the right desktop environment and the proper internal network infrastructure, and then determining the support processes to maintain the network in the long-run, we design the entire system for the enterprise. Uppermost in our mind when designing systems are the questions of security, robustness and reliability, and the ability to routinely manage, support and administer systems in the long-term;

o Implement information technology systems and solutions. Working from the written plans that we develop in the design process, we implement the technologies and solutions that we recommend. Because we implement our own solutions, we're careful to design solutions that have good internal fit, that are technologically-coherent, and thus can be readily implemented and then can run reliably;

o Provide long-term support for information technology systems and solutions. For organizations that don't require full-time network and IT support staff, we often function as the enterprise's IT department, assisting with all related tasks, from IT strategy and planning down to desktop support. For organizations that require full- time network and IT support staff, we often provide high-level senior engineering and consulting services, assistance with managing lower- level organization IT staff, and added assistance with routine tasks during peak period requirements. For all regular clients, we provide support on an emergency basis, tailored to the particular needs of each client. We provide remote monitoring of client networks, and endeavor to provide services remotely when possible.

o QuickBooks network and configuration services. Our network engineers are experienced with QuickBooks and bring that expertise to QuickBooks-related network problems. Our Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors have significant network technology experience, which assists them with QuickBooks software problems for network-based installations. Whether your issues are with the network platform or with the software itself, we have your QuickBooks solutions covered.

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